[Accepted]Application: Yankoo[17]

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[Accepted]Application: Yankoo[17] Empty [Accepted]Application: Yankoo[17]

Post  SKiDROW on Fri Apr 06, 2012 4:42 pm

- Legit/Cracked COD4: Legit
- Best Gun: AK-47
-Best Map: Crash
-Can Play Clan Wars?: Yes i can.
-Cod4 experience: I played a lot of wars mostly for preinvite invite and academy skilled players bcs i had a lot of friends with that skill. Ive been on few turnaments and what else i know a lot of spots on crash. My favourited weapon is AK-47 bcs its stable and long rage weapon. Only think what i dont like is when i hold fire mouse button ak goes up but i get skill on it and I know play with it and I had most kills with it Very Happy EDIT: allmost 900h on promod.
-Estimated pro mod level(DONT BS!):med


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[Accepted]Application: Yankoo[17] Empty Re: [Accepted]Application: Yankoo[17]

Post  Founder on Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:15 pm


Congrats.. You are a part of War Team #2. Feel Proud as you will be representing the clan in wars...

-You are Extremely Active.
-You don't feel bad about us losing
-You Have a really great attitude.
-Your best map is crash (just like mine which makes us easier to work with and easier for me to test you regarding callouts and stuff)
-Also, the FIRST person to format the title of the topic as requested.

What Else can I say?
Very Happy

War Team #2
War Team #2

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